Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's Messy Versus What Matters

I started to write a post in response to my daughter's recent lamentations on her messy house because, as most mothers of grown children know, it is simply chickens coming home to roost. I was going to remind her of the nanny she had when she was five years old who quit after one week because Catherine refused to clean a mess she had made in her room because “that was what she was being paid to do.” I was going to remind her of her steadfast refusal to participate in weekly cleaning chores because she was going to marry a millionaire and would have servants to perform the mundane household tasks. I was going to say “I told you so!” and then I read her March 25th post on abortion vs adoption and wept. Somehow, it didn't seem very important that she and I had locked horns for years over cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms. What is important, is that my daughter has stayed true to herself – that she is passionate about life, love, family and knowledge. That ain't so bad.

I will leave adoption for another day.

On a lighter note here's Bad Grandma Tip #3:

You know you're a bad grandma when you give your grandchild a drink of gingerale with your false teeth in the bottom of the glass.

Try it!


  1. Absolute brilliance written concisely. How is it you can say in that short space, what most people can't say in pages?

    It really is amazing when something unexpected happens that points us in the direction of what is really and truly...important.

    By the way, from the little bit that I can perceive about Catherine...I think you've done a spectacular job in mothering.

  2. I am one of your daughter's dearest friends. At least that is what she keeps telling me. Wink. I love her so.

    I can not tell you how much it means to me that you are blogging and keeping her on her toes.

    The admiration I hold for your daughters is difficult to express. Getting to know you through your blog explains why I love them so.

    Because their mother rocks.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful post. And your tip? Priceless.

  4. :) i also need more servants to do my cleaning; think they'd work for free?? (and you sound like an amazing grandma!)

  5. Not difficult to see where Catherine got her writing talent from! Tips are bloody hilarious!
    J from Ireland.

  6. Thank you for being a bad grandma. I'm a bad grandma as well but I didn't understand it until I read your blog. Thank you for taking away some of the guilt I was carrying. It IS ok to have my own life!

  7. hahaha! false teeth in bottom of glass...

  8. I so look forward to being friends. I straddle you and your daughter, my oldest is 32, my youngest is newly 10. Keep on writing, I like it!

  9. Hallelulah! I can now respond to comments. I have to do it as Anonymous cause Cath couldn't give me a complete tutorial over the phone, but it's a start. To Julie, guilt is something I know well - my children are masters at the "guilt game", but as I get older I am getting smarter (or maybe, trickier). I am, however, selective in my trickiness because I do not want to be left at a train station when I am senile (their favorite threat!)

  10. I'm going to go get some dentures, just so I can freak out my own children ;)

  11. i love both your blog and Catharine's. you both have a very similar writing style, and are funny as all get out. I must admit that I, myself, got quite teary eyed while reading her adoption vs. abortion post. I hope that you will share with us also, when you feel the need. I will be back to visit your blog soon.


  12. I can't believe I posted all that without a typo -- from my wii. lol