Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hurricane Grandchildren-On-Road-Trip: Survival Update

I will preface this post by saying I love my children and my grandchildren very much and it was a delight to meet MotherBumper and Redneck Mommy.

That said, it has been three days since the last of the road trip gang and others left. I have recovered sufficiently to make a list of things that need to be done to restore some semblance of order to my house and yard:

-shampoo living room carpet
-wash the strawberry handprints off the french doors
-wash dirty handprints off all walls
-wash cocoa that dripped down cupboard doors
-find putty knife to remove dried globs of cocoa on kitchen floor
-wash entire kitchen floor so cats will no longer stick to it
-sweep up kitty litter that toddler spilled when he was eating it
-remove all decorated rocks from house
-finish removing dirt and sand from tub
-locate all household gadgets that were used as a substitute for drums, mariachis and other obscure noisemakers
-locate all barbie dolls, accessories and other toys that the children were hiding from each other
-find rest of half-eaten sticky buns
-find the peas that were being saved for the picnic
(I may plan a scavenger hunt to locate all of the above!)
-replace all sand the was dug up from between patio slabs
-rebuild section of rock wall that was dislocated by tiny feet
-remove nail polish from patio
-finish putting polish on other toes and nails so that both feet match (Emilia lost interest after one foot)
-restore to house and yard all items that were removed in the interest of child safety and our sanity.

I think that pretty much covers the house and yard. My husband said the garden will grow back. We had to leave for the weekend immediately after everyone left, so our trailer (which doubled as the children’s playhouse) had some items in it we would not normally find there and some things we couldn’t find, but I’m sure the window screen will show up and I hope the toilet crystals went in the toilet. The bathroom cupboard door looks ok without the decorative knob. Sort of.


  1. LOL-that's quite the list. Good luck with restoring your house back to order.

  2. Hahaha.

    It was so fabulous meeting you and your husband. And your exhusband. And your other daughter.

    You have one heck of an awesome family and I covet them all.

    I'm drawing up adoption papers as we speak for you to sign.

    I'll be sure to bring the beer and a new bathroom cupboard door knob when I move in.


  3. To redneck mommy
    beer is good - wine is better!
    HerBadGrandma -and, in anticipation of an endless supply of wine, soon to be your adoptive mom.

  4. As a witness and parent of one responsible for a fair share of the damages, I really feel for you. Thank you for putting up with our sorry butts and making us feel so welcome in your home. My mom and dad said we were like a hurricane passing through - and they only had us for 24 hours. You survived a tsunami ;)

  5. Suck it up, princess. You don't have to live with them 24-7.

  6. Katie-It was my pleasure.I am going to contact Duracell, they are missing the mark using a bunny!
    Love HerBadGrandma

  7. I'm sorry for your lengthy recovery...but all sounds worth it!
    Your list exhausted me....after a day of lists so very similar!

  8. just reading ur list made me tired!

  9. Tara Sparks tarajs81@yahoo.comAugust 26, 2009 at 8:29 PM

    i just want to say thank you for having a blog. i just found you an hour ago and its like reading something from my own mother. i am 28 with a 19 month old and lost my mother to cancer last november and it has been the hardest time in my life. i am an only child and she was truly my best friend (ok, minus a few years for teenage to adolesent rebelling). i miss her everyday and grieve for my daughter never getting to deal with the hijinks you do to your grandkids, as she would have done the same. Please keep going with this blog and telling us all the great (and scary) things you do with your grandkids. I felt better in the last hour reading (ok, i was going back and forth between yours and Catherines) than i have in almost a year. its so great to know someone out there is as a crazy as my mom.