Monday, May 25, 2009

Tweet Dreams

This past week has been an awakening. Not only did I get back into techno-world, but also got involved in super-tech-twitter world.

I have been told that there is no point or solid rationale for tweeting which, I was also told, is the whole point.

I spent the major portion of one whole day last week learning about Twitter and met some very kind and helpful people in the process. But tweeting is time consuming and even though I am retired, I don’t have time to sit for hours at my computer, or to be checking it frequently. I would feel guilty if I tweeted on twitter and then twaddled off and didn’t tweet to another tweeter’s twitter or is it another twitter’s tweeter?

So I am going to “retweet” to my backyard where only birds twitter and rethink my foray into the morass of techno-musings.

Tweet Dreams!


  1. Like I said, get dad to hook you up with a laptop. Or move your computer upstairs. GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

  2. Hah!
    Good times. :P
    I go without tweeting for days sometimes. RL does have to come first. Just found out the other day, if you click on your name, between "home" and "direct messages" on the sidebar, it shows you replies that mention you! :P

    -- Al_Pal [also on twitter!]

  3. I'm with you here. I have enough on my plate without adding Twitter. Although it does fascinate me, and maybe if I ever retire....

  4. I still do not see the excitement in Twitter. I tried it, felt totally left out and confused trying to follow conversations, and left.

    In the meantime, I found Plurk, which has the same 140char basis as Twitter, but actually threads conversations, and has an interactive and updating timeline.

    I'm much happier there. You can find me at