Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To My Girl

Today is a big day! Today is Catherine’s birthday.

I have always thought of the birthdays of my children as a dual celebration – one for them and one for me.

Until the day I die, I will thank God for my children and the miracle I experienced on the day of their birth. Every birthday each of my daughters celebrate, I celebrate the miracle

Each birthday, I relive the day they were born and, with each passing year, I celebrate the joy of watching them embrace life. I relive unwrapping Catherine and counting her toes (they were so big I thought she had six), I relive her putting her cat in a pillowcase and dunking it in the toilet, I relive checking dresser drawers daily for that same cat, I relive her first day of school, I relive her basement production of Annie (starring herself), I relive her every childhood dream – writer, actress, ballerina. I relive every day of her life.

The joy does not diminish as the decades grow, nor do my memories fade.

Catherine will always be my precious first-born daughter who was born May 21st because I danced under the light of the full moon on May 20th.

Happy Birthday, Trinky!!!

Happy Birth Day to me for giving birth to you!!

All of my love, your eternally grateful Mother

PS. I also have a good conception story, but Cath would kill me!


  1. Oooooh, sexy conception details pleeeze! :)

  2. We never, never outgrow the need for our mothers' love and kind words, so I bet this is one of the best gifts Catherine receives this year.

    Well said, BG.

  3. Oh, right, as if you were really afraid of that. Bwahahaha.

    Will check back for details *WINK!*

  4. It is true Suzanne said it perfectly. I miss my Mom everyday. It was nice to read about such perfect love.

  5. Oh, so tell her not to read it. WE want to know...

  6. Oh, we most definitely want the conception story. Just tell her to cover her eyes the day you post that.

  7. You remind me of my own Mom. Every year on my birthday she calls me up and tells me stories of when I was born and of my childhood, and I love her for that.

    Happy Birthday Catherine and Happy Birth-day to you :)

  8. I too celebrate the birthdays of my two children as a very special day for ME! Happy Birthday to the BOTH of you!
    Today is my 5 year wedding anniversary...I declare May 21st a VERY good date!

  9. CONCEPTION STORY!! please??
    Happy Birthday yo you both.

  10. Happy birthday to you both. Not until I became a mother did I realise how special birthdays are to mums. I also remember the days my children wore born so clearly special. Painful yes, but just wonderful that they came into my life. That sounds like a lovely tradition, we do something similar too!

  11. Yep. I celebrate every one of my kids' birth-days. Isn't it funny how clearly they stand out in your mind, those most-important-days-of-our-lives?
    Beautiful post.

  12. Awesome, great post!
    Dig it! :D

  13. Now that I have children, I always wish parents a Happy Birthday too on their kids special day, so Happy Belated Birthday to you both.

    This post was so nice. Now I'm off to call my mother.

  14. how sweet! this truly must have been one of the best gifts she received. absolutely perfect love. now, about that story... ;)