Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bad Grandma Reflects On April Fools, And Misses Her Children A Little Less Than Usual

April Fool’s Day should be called “Parents Stay On Your Toes Day”.

I don’t think my husband and I were the brightest bulbs on the block, because every year our children caught us with the same tricks. I still chuckle when I remember his yell from the bathroom - “goddammit, it’s all over my shoes” - as he peed into a toilet bowl that had been covered with saran wrap. I didn’t think it was quite so funny when I sat on a toilet seat that had been covered with Vaseline!

You would think that by the time we cleaned ourselves up after the bathroom tricks, we would be more alert, but no! – ‘cause by now, we needed coffee and cigarettes. It's not funny playing hide and seek with cigarettes - hidden by your prankster (and vehemently anti-smoking) children - when you’re jonesing. It’s even less funny, after finding said smokes, to pour yourself what is by now a much needed cup of coffee and discover, after the first huge swallow, that it wasn’t sugar that you put in the cup!

Most days, I miss my daughters. April Fool's Day is not one of those days.

Happy April Fools Day.


  1. tee hee... I have not shown my children any April Fools activity yet. Is it possible to ignore it completely? I'll be trying!!!

    We survived April Fools Day over here - hope you manage to there!

    PS Here is the link I MEANT to leave in the last comment:

  2. How awesome are your kids? I love it!!!!

  3. Oh, do you write a funny story. This was great.